‘Waratah’ – Telopea speciosissima 

An inflatable light sculpture celebrating the majestic and natural beauty of the iconic Waratah Flower. This vibrant and dynamic work gives viewers a larger than life experience of the flower’s natural beauty and form. Rich in colour and beautiful by day and night, the petals open out to invite the audience to walk right up to the flower, interact and explore the work enjoying an immersive sensorial experience.

Two flowers were created for the festival. The first proudly located at the start of the Botanical Gardens light walk overlooking the Sydney Opera House. The second and larger flower resting majestically above the Lloyd Rees fountain in Martin Place.



Sarah Harvie –Inflatable Artwork Design & Fabrication.
Dylan Tonkin –Technical Design & Installation.
Anthony Zeater –  Sensor Technology.
Christopher Page – Lighting Designer.

A close collaboration with the teams of Solidair Sair.

Vivid Festival, 2017