About Me.

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Christopher Page
Lighting Designer; stage, installations and events

With a natural passion for creative design, Chris enjoyʼs exploring light through a multitude of ideas and areas of perspective, exploring how their application in an evolving environment evokes a live audience. By creating art thru illumination, Chrisʼs method is a process of finding solutions to complex visual and illumination problems, and forming well-evolved design ideas and concepts than simply the brute mechanics of lighting a space.

A graduate of the Production course at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Chris is a highly motivated individual who enjoys crafting all forms of art through light and illumination, whether it is a live performance, installation, events or festivals. For Chris, lighting isnʼt just another production element but is in its own right another character within a performance space. Because of this, the flow of light needs to be specifically tailored for each and every application, with detailed thought on how the light will interact within the style of presention. Its because of this that Chris likes to approach every project with a fresh perspective and enjoys collaborating with other arts practitioners and professionals to achieve the creation of impossible ideas for audiences to explore.

Ultimately, Chris strives on making every production unique, believing that clear and concise lighting design ideas are the best way of achieving a successful artwork.

In 2011, Chris was nominated for the Sydney Theatre Critic Award for Best Lighting Design (The Dark Room), the 2013 recipient of the Rory Dempster Internship for Lighting Designers and in 2017 was part of the design team that won the Australian Interior Design Awards 2017  (Installation Design).